BALCONY is a long-take sequence, a short film by Lendita Zeqiraj, awarded Kosovar screenwriter, film director and visual artist. BALCONY was selected as one of the best among forty competitive scenarios and financially supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center in 2013.

The film is a satiric reflection on today’s Kosovar society and its development, 14 years after the war – under the international observation. A cinematographic observation that exposes the authentic mindset of the Balkan society that quickly deviates into a ridiculous situation.

Sequence begins in the sunset and ends at twilight, as a metaphorical cinematic expression that reinforces immersion of a convincing dialogue and situation into a kind of absurdity, and same time revealing the mentality and reality everyday life in today’s Kosovo society, featuring child labor, unemployment, incompetence and ignorance.

Through the crowd gathered to help a boy on a balcony, but they quickly forget why they are where they are.

The film takes place in an almost closed cycle; Camera will be moving all the time. All the filming is accomplished in one single shot.

The idea of a film came to me in a very ordinary manner, bit by bit. Then increasingly it seemed to me that from that screenplay I could make a film with a unity of place, of time, and of action.